YogAnalysis Workshop


Topic: Intro to YogAnalysis
Location: Your Studio
Date/Time: 1 hour long, call for scheduling options
Total Price: Free
Reservations: or call (631) 440-7008

Do you feel pain with certain yoga movements? Do you want to improve the development & mastery of your poses? The adage is “Listen to your body” but what do you listen to and what should you do with what you hear?

YogAnalysis (YA) helps you to learn how to listen to your body by Assessing each joint and muscle to gain self-awareness. The information gained by this self-study is then used to generate a customized Plan of yoga poses, asana modifications and corrective actions.  You implement this plan into your yoga practice by yourself or with guidance from a certified YA Specialist.  This Assessment & Plan (A & P) helps your yoga practice develop with less trial and error…..fewer aches and injuries……and faster growth.  You learn how to listen to your body and what to do about it!

What’s In The YogAnalysis Program
  • Workshops: Intro to YogAnalysis, Intro to Implementing the Yoganalysis Plan
  • Assessment & Plan (A & P) Sessions: Intro Screen (1/2 hour), 1st A & P (1 hour), 2nd A & P (1 hour)
  • Implementation: With or without a YA Specialist at your pace
  • Re-A & P: Periodically check your progress & modify your Plan
  • Certifications: Level I, II & III
What is Assessed?

If you would like to receive a private Assessment & Planning (A & P) session, you can schedule one at the workshop.  At these assessment sessions with a YA Certified physician or Specialist you are tested for:

  • Flexibility – Every major joint in every direction for hyper & hypo mobility
  • 98 muscles for balanced strength
  • Computerized Movement Imaging (CMI) for functional movements
  • What is normal, abnormal and what causes pain.

You learn what each muscle, joint & Range Of Motion (ROM) feels like!

What’s in the Plan?

At the end of your A & P session, you receive a personalized plan of action based on your results.  This includes recommendations for:

  • Yoga pose modifications
  • Which poses to do and which to avoid
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Active & passive stretches
Implementing The YA Plan

 Yoga practitioners may be guided with implementing their YA Plan by a Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) certified Level I Specialist.

  • Level I certifications requires at least 150 hours or instruction and examinations.
  • All Level I Specialists are certified instructors in at least 1 form of yoga
  • Certification content is based upon accredited courses currently taught by the Diagnosis Foundation
Who Does The Assessments & Plans

A & Ps are done by yoga teachers, physicians, physical therapists or personal trainers with:

  • DxF certified Level II or III YA Specialists
  • All Level III YA Specialists have at least 600 hours of YA training, internship, practical & written examinations
YogAnalysis Sponsored By…

The non-profit Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) is sponsoring the YogAnalysis Program. The DxF is focused on improving human safety, health and performance by promoting diagnosis which seeks underlying causes using objective and holistic methods.

A & P Screen Location

The A & P Assessment Screen for this workshop will be conducted at the DxF Health & Performance Lab.  This state of the art facilities at Long Island Integrated Medical includes: a complete gym, extensive physiotherapy, digital x-rays, MD’s, DO’s, DC’s, PT’s, acupuncture & massage therapists.  Specialties include bio-mechanics, sports, nutrition, orthopedics, weight loss, pain management, pulmonary, psychology, and neurology.

The DxF Health & Performance Lab is located at:

Long Island Integrated Medical
2805 Veterans Memorial Highway
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Reservations & Information

For additional information or to attend the workshop contact:
Office Phone: (631) 440-7008