What’s the #1 reason women don’t workout?


woman-curlingWomen who didn’t workout reported more often they didn’t have enough time! That means they don’t place enough value on staying fit. How can women see the value in a workout routine? A couple big factors are: 1) they need to know that exercising is going to help and 2) that the exercises won’t cause problems.

The largest preventable risk factor for the development of arthritis is muscle imbalances.  The best way to correct these11 imbalances is through exercises.  When you consider that the #2 reason for all doctor visits is arthritis and how many people get joint replacements for chronic arthritis, starting an exercise program begins to sound like it could be well worth the time.

It is not enough to just do exercises.  They need to be the correct exercises.  This is why it is important get tested for individual muscle strength first before beginning an exercise program.  Muscle imbalances can be acquired by many different reasons including: traumas; accumulation of imbalanced every day activities; imbalanced exercise programs; crooked seats; saggy beds and more. Over time, if not addressed and corrected, pain, injury, drug therapies, surgery, and osteoarthritis diseases can develop.

Good health is good motivation!