What is triskiaDXaphobia?


phobiaTriskaidekaphobia is the unpleasant feeling many experience with the number 13.

TriskiaDXaphobia is a closely related phobia or the fear of the last day of the introductory discount on the Diagnosis Foundation’s (DxF) Seminar Intensive – Weekend program.  The DxF will come to your facility in the NY Metro region and train up to 13 people in performing muscle strength testing on 13 individual muscles in the leg region in the course of a 13 hour seminar for a total price of $1300. (almost 80% off of our regular price of $450 per person!)

Man Flexing BicepsThe last day of this introductory pricing for the seminar Intensive weekend is…

Friday the 13th, January 2017.  Nothing to fear…just act soon to guarantee your price.   Read More

Set yourself apart for 2017

Learn how to test 13 muscle imbalances!
13 trained for $1300 expires January 13!