What is the #1 reason for missing a workout?


People Exercising at a GymnasiumLower back pain is the #1 reason men miss a workout. It is estimated that 80% of men will experience lower back pain at one point or another in their life. Treating low back pain without understanding the underlying cause of it, can result in the wrong treatment plan and ultimately may produce more back pain. The Diagnosis Foundation asks: What is the cause of your back pain? One quick way to begin to understand what is causing the back pain, is to be screened for individual muscle imbalances. For instance, the psoas muscle can play a role in back pain because it attaches to the lower spine. If the muscle becomes too strong in relation to the muscles opposing it, it can pull the lower spine forward. Only a slight distortion is needed before discomfort sets in. If left undiagnosed, chronic back issues can develop.