What does the DxF get out of doing these screenings?


The DxF is dedicated to promoting causal diagnosis as a way to help human safety, health & performance.  Holding screening events like this helps to get the word out about our mission.  We hope that as other people get to experience the powerful benefits of knowing their individual muscle strengths, it will excite them to join us in our cause as members, volunteers, becoming certified as muscle strength & balance screeners and with donations.

Long range – the DxF is building a series of new health care profession including:

  • Diagnostic Screeners
  • Diagnostic Trainer & Technicians
  • Diagnostic Aides
  • Specialties in Holistic Diagnosis and
  • Doctors of Holistic Diagnosis 

Balanced muscle strength screens as well as certification programs training others how to do these procedures are just one early steps towards building a new health care paradigm.

See our online Balanced Muscle Strength course