MedicalLooking for an Interesting and Rewarding Volunteering Experience Summer of 2016?

The Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) has implemented its muscle balance screens within the Major Program Area of Testing.  Critical to success of this program, is the generous contributions of time and money we receive from our volunteers and supporters.  Here is a brief description of some of the positions available in the screening program with links to the activities you would be doing and opportunities for advancement within the DxF.

Screening Team

  • Screening Staff – Registrar, preparing people to be tested.
  • Screening Assistant Manager (Asst Mngr) – Recording examination results
  • Screening Manager (Mngr.) – Final instructions for people after they have completed their testing plus screening implementation
  • Screening Supervisor – Screen Development (paid position)
  • Screening Examiner – Perform testing procedures on participants

Team members at each screening event

  • Small Screening (<6 participants) – Certified Examiner
  • Mid Size Screening (6-12 participants) – Examiner & Screening Manager (Mngr.)
  • Larger Screening (13-24) – Examiner, Screening Mngr. & Asst. Mngr.
  • Small Event (25-50) – Examiner, Screening Mngr., Asst. Mngr, Screening Staff (1)
  • Large Event (51+) – Examiner, Screening Mngr., Asst. Mngr, Screening Staff (2+)

Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteers are critical to the success of non-profit organizations, so we try to let them know how much we appreciate their time and effort.  At a minimum, when you contribute:

  • 25+ Hours – Volunteers who contribute 25 hours or more to the DxF will be able to receive letters of recommendations for use at colleges, work and other career advancement applications.
  • 50+ hours – Volunteers who contribute 50+ hours will receive substantial coupons that may be applied to educational programs and other products in the DxShop.

 Volunteer Application

Please submit an e-mail or letter with your interest in volunteering at the DxF, what position(s) you are interested in and a brief description of your background or resume to: PWallman@DxFoundation.org