Volunteer ‘Screening Staff’ – Position Description


The Screening Staff team member is an entry level volunteer position with the Diagnosis Foundation (DxF).  Volunteers work at screening events helping people to learn about balanced muscle strength and how it can prevent arthritis and / or improve their physical performance in athletic activities.  Shifts last for 2-8 hours based upon your schedule and DxF needs.  The days and times that you participate in DxF sponsored screening events is arranged with the Volunteer Coordinator.  Additional information about screening event team members is located here.  A brief outline of ‘Screening Staff’ responsibilities are:

  • Screening Staff
    • Screening activities – Intake Processing
      • Screening Schedule – Maintain the appointment sheet and participant flow into screenings.
      • Forms – Distribute forms for participants to fill out in advance of testing
      • Verify Forms – That they are filled out completely and legibly.
      • Verify Membership – All screening participants must be either a Research Member or General Member
    • After-screening activities
      • Participate in Lessons Learned review
      • Recruit & train additional Screening Staff with approval of Screening Mngr.
    • Accomplishments to become Screening Staff
      • Pass quiz on screening procedures & Screening Staff activities

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