Volunteer ‘Screening Manager’ – Position Description


The Screening Manager team member is a mid level volunteer position with the Diagnosis Foundation (DxF).  Volunteers coordinate the days and times they participate in DxF sponsored screening events with the Volunteer Coordinator.  Additional information about screening event team members is located here.  A brief outline of ‘Screening Manager’ responsibilities are:

Screening Mngr.

1) Pre-screening activities

  • Existing venues
    • Scheduling
      • Establish tentative dates
      • Verify availability of all required personnel, equipment, etc.
      • Confirmations of scheduled dates for screenings
    • Communications
      • Point of contact for communications between existing: venues, Asst. Mngrs., diagnosticians
      • Reminders to all staff & venue for pre-screening deadlines
      • Weekly updates with screening supervisor
    • Materials / Supplies – Organize, gather, produce, deliver, etc. all materials, supplies, equipment, furniture, amplification, tents, signage, etc.
    • Marketing of screens
      • Assist venue with internal & external marketing
      • Implement DxF internal marketing
  • New venue development
    • Site visit – Evaluate logistics requirements at new venue

2) Screening activities – Exit processing

  • Follow up – Any abnormal findings, fill out and discuss with screening participants the Follow Up Form
  • Obtain participant initials on Research Membership Agreement
  • Q & A Cards – Collect cards for DxF responses
  • Solicit: newsletter / general memberships / donations

3) Post-screening activities

  • Participate in Lessons Learned review
  • Inform supervisor of fundraising & new venue leads
  • Recruit & train additional Screening Mngrs. with approval of Screening Supervisor
  • Intern with Screening Supervisor

4) Accomplishments to become Screening Mngr.

  • Pass quiz on Screening Mngr. activities
  • Participate as Asst Mngr. in 3 screenings
  • Recruit & Train 2 of Asst. Mngrs.
  • Solicit, collect & enter in Membership DB 50 Research Members

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