Volunteer ‘Screening Examiner’ – Position Description


The Screening Examiner is a volunteer position with the Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) for people who have passed the certification examination of the testing procedures involved in each particular screening event.  Part of the certification and continuing education requirements for each certification is participation in X number of screening events and examining x number of participants.

Screening examiners coordinate the days and times they participate in DxF sponsored screening events with the Volunteer Coordinator.  Additional information about screening event team members is located here.  A brief outline of ‘Screening Examiner’ responsibilities are:

1) Screening activities

  • Review pre-screening questionnaire for contra-indications to performing any test
  • Examine each participant 
  • Record results (for screening events without an Assistant Manager)
  • Review findings with each participant immediately after

2) Post-screening activities

  • Participate in Lessons Learned review
  • Solicit, collect & enter in Membership DB new research members
  • Recruit additional Screening Examiners

3) Accomplishments to become Screening Examiner

  • Passed the certification exam for the testing procedures involved in each particular screening event