To be successful treating your fitness & health clients…


Child Holding TrophyTo increase your success rate with fitness & health clients and improve your reputation, study and treat each person as an individual.  Test as many factors as you can before you come up with a treatment plan.  Diagnose as much as you can within the limits of your state’s scope of practice. Then, customize your treatment program so it is specific to each person’s needs.

Constantly learn more so you can get more specific with each person.  Never accept poor results on a single client.  It is up to you to figure out what every person needs, even if you have to call in psychologists, motivational speakers, bio-chemists, doctors, social workers….whatever is needed to help them reach their goals.  Learn how to help your clients identify their goals carefully and specifically.  Inspire them to reach for more than they thought they could possibly do.

This is the kind of commitment that it takes to be a champion in the competitive world of professional athletics and high performance achievers.  To be successful treating your fitness & health clients, it takes even more commitment to be a teacher of champions.