Vastus Inter - medial view - half body

The DxF testing programs will include implementation and support of:

  • Testing Drives & Screening Programs – with an emphasis on working with  under served populations.  Testing programs will focus on causal mechanisms underlying each condition and will use holistic & objective methods.
  • DxProvider data base – Which providers do what diagnostic services?  Who can patients be referred to that do treatment for each diagnosed mechanism underlying their condition?
  • Electronic Health Records – that are under the complete control of each individual.
  • Secondary goals include diagnosis testing that is more: decentralized, personal, mobile, non-invasive, low cost and self administered.

Eventually, the DxF will be engaged in diagnostic testing that covers the full spectrum of human dimensions including:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit
  • Environment
  • Social

The first series of health and performance based screenings has been initiated and includes:

  • Balanced Muscle Strength Testing – arms or legs (complete)
  • Ranges of Motion – arms, legs, torso (under development)
  • Cognition (under development)
  • Essential Nutrients (under development)