Screening Events Near You


Marathon Starting Line……and how to make that happen!

The Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) is holding as many screening events in the Long Island / Metro NY area as their certified screeners, volunteers and funds can handle.  We could screen a much greater number of people near you if we had more:

  • Certified screeners
  • Volunteers
  • Sponsors

Certified Screeners – If you or other members of your organization would like to become certified to do the Balanced Muscle Strength Testing, we could schedule a lot more screening events near your business on a schedule that works for you.  The DxF has courses teaching the anatomy, physiology, procedures and legal environment to do the 12 key muscle tests.  The course to become a Balanced Muscle Strength screener is:

  • Short: 20 – 30 hours
  • Inexpensive: $125 – $450 depending on which options you choose
  • Convenient:  Available online, by CD, printed, webinar, seminar or at your location
  • Accessible: The course is open to physicians, physical therapists, personal trainers and others

Volunteers – In addition to the certified examiners, each new screen initiated by the DxF needs people and specialists to help develop and run events.  We need people to:

  • Prepare: participants to be screened at events
  • Record: results as participants are being tested
  • Advise: the Advisory Committee on Testing (ACT) reviews new and current screening procedures for improvements in reliability, accuracy and usefulness.

Sponsors – Everybody involved in the screening events is donating their time to help improve people’s lives.  There are still expenses which need to be covered. Travel, printing, equipment, event fees, etc.  The DxF can schedule screening events near your organization with your financial support.