YogAnalysis 201 – Muscle Strength Assessment & Corrections: Lower Body Part 1


Workshop: Learn how to do 13 individual muscle tests, the corrective exercises to strengthen each of these muscles and yoga poses to do, avoid or vary in order to further strengthen each of these muscles.
Dates: February 2, 3, 9, 10
Times: 10 am – 6 pm each day
Location: 2805 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite 10, Ronkonkoma, NY
For who: yoga therapists, yoga instructors, physical therapists, personal trainers
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Under-engaged or dis-engaged body parts are not embodied and are not conscious. Client habitual disembodiment can manifest as strength imbalances and contribute to injuries, pain, joint degeneration and reduced athletic performance that we see in our practice every day.  These can represent the dark hidden aspects of ourselves. Through precise testing, these hidden aspects are revealed to allow the client to be more fully conscious. This course covers potential causes, compares individual muscle vs. whole-body evaluation strategies and introduces multiple measuring techniques. Emphasis is placed on the anatomy and techniques of manually testing individual muscles in order to assess and understand clients with precision. Corrective actions emphasize exercises using elastic resistance along with techniques for isolating movement (asana variations), breath (pranayama), and focused concentration (dharana) to restore proper joint function and develop a fully embodied consciousness (samdhi). Nutritional factors for strength development are introduced. This course focuses on muscles of the lower limb with anterior to posterior movements that are commonly involved in low back issues.


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