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Tutors can help you prepare for the Balanced Muscle Strength Testing (BMST) certification final exams (written, applied & experience) for the legs at the beginner (screener) level.  Tutoring will be online and can be done with 1 to 4 people.  Sessions are self-directed or tutor guided.  Price is per hour with discounts available over 5 hours.




Do you want to master some aspect of the Balanced Muscle Strength Testing (BMST) certification course?  Perhaps you want to review the course content before taking your final exams?  One of the study tools we have available is to schedule time with a DxF tutor.

Tutoring on muscle strength & balance testing of the lower limb can be done with single individuals or small groups of up to 4 people.  Tutoring content can cover all aspects of the BMST course.  We can help you learn the knowledge on the written final exam, or the muscle testing techniques on the applied exam.  You can direct what the tutor focuses on, or the instructor can guide you through a systematic review of the whole course.

Note: Tutoring does NOT include any of the final exam components (online written, applied or experience exams)

In 1 hour blocks
Note: We also have a volume discount.  Purchase 5 or more hours, get 20% off.  (The hours can be scheduled singly, all in one block or anything in between.  It’s up to you and your tutor to arrange a schedule that works for you.  You just need to purchase 5 hours at one time to get the discount.)

Hardware & Facility Requirements:
1) A computer with a webcam & microphone, high speed internet access and a Skype account.
2) If you wish tutoring on performing muscle tests, you will need a partner to do the tests with and enough space to do the tests. The video camera would need to be able to view the testing area.

All DxF tutors are doctors who have completed a certification program assuring their knowledge of the course content and muscle testing skills. If you are dissatisfied with your tutor for any reason, you may request another tutor. If no other tutor is available, you will be given a refund for the remaining portion you have pre-paid.

If you wish to check on instructor availability &scheduling before purchasing, please contact: Info@DxFoundation.org.


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