Screening Event: BMS – Your 1st Screening Event is FREE!


Introductory sale!  The Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) will come to your organization or event and set up a Balanced Muscle Strength (BMS) screen.  Each participant will receive a 1-rep max strength test on 12 isolated muscles of both their right & left legs (or arms).  Each screen takes 5-10 minutes.  Multiple DxF examiners may be requested for larger events.




muscle-testing-legsWould your venue like to host a Balanced Muscle Strength (BMS) screen?
The Diagnosis Foundation would like to make that happen!
The first screening is on us!

Set your organization apart from others in your field. Demonstrate to your clients that you are interested in helping them know what exercises they need to work on (or avoid) to maximize their performance and preserve their health.

Order your screening event now, then contact: Info to schedule your date.

Screening Event

  • Venue – The DxF will come to your location, event or business.
  • Duration – The screening event can last for a couple of hours or for multiple days
  • Space – The DxF will set up a screening space (10′ x 10′ minimum), indoors or out.
  • What – The DxF will test 12 individual muscles on both the right & left side for either the arm or leg region for 1 rep max strength.
  • Who? – The DxF will screen only those interested (8 people minimum)
  • Follow up – Those with abnormal findings will receive recommendations to follow up with each person’s or the venue’s health care provider.
  • Results – Each participant will be given a written record of their screening results

What types of venues is this program designed for?

Categories:  Type of Venue                  

  • Fitness:  Personal trainers, Weight lifting / health clubs, yoga studio
  • Sports:  Public or private sport teams (baseball, football, track, bicycle, soccer, swim, etc.), spin studios, gymnastics studio, dance school
  • Therapists:  Personal trainers, physicians, allied health professionals, professional association meetings (Holistic Nursing Assoc, Physical Therapy Assoc. Chiropractic Assoc. Etc.), health coaches, clinics
  • Events:  Health fairs, fund raisers, biking events, marathons, tri-athalons, fun runs, town fairs
  • Educational:  Health schools (sports training program, massage school, Alexander training, yoga schools, etc.), public or private schools (clubs, teams, health or biology classes)
  • Health programs:  Pre-natal,  weight loss programs (Weight Watchers, vegetarian, etc.)
  • Business:  Corporate wellness programs, health symposiums, conventions, business meetings, occupational injury prevention, health food stores

Where are BMS screening events available?
Currently, the DxF is offering regular screening events on Long Island & the Metro NY region.  Other areas in the US are possible when coordinated with a DxF tour or with host venue support.

As the number of people who have completed their certification courses as MS&B screeners increases, the possible locations where screens are available increases.

How Much Does A Screening Cost?

  • Free – Long Island, Metro NY region (8 people screened minimum)
  • Outside of the Metro NY region, contact us at to discuss options.

What do you need to provide?

  • Space – 10′ x 10′ minimum
  • People – 8 people minimum
  • Marketing – a) Announcements at the event, b) posting on your internet sites, c) communications (e-mails, tweets, community calendar)

Screening Program

The DxF can set up repetitive screens at your venue:

  • Frequency – Screenings can be set up on for one time, multiple times or on a regular schedule.
  • Presentation – add a BMS lecture or hands on workshop affiliated with the screening.  We’ll explain to attendees what BMS is, why it’s important and what their results could mean.

What other types of screens does the DxF provide?

  • Balanced Muscle Strength: legs
  • Balanced Muscle Strength: arms
  • Screens under development: Essential nutrients, functional movement, brain functions (memory, executive decision making, flexibility), ranges of motion

What is Balanced Muscle Strength?
Why is Balanced Muscle Strength important?
How are the tests done?
How long does it take?
How accurate is muscle strength testing?
What does the DxF get out of doing these screenings?


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