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Introductory Sale!  This re-exam is for the Balanced Muscle Strength Testing (BMST) certification final exam for the legs at the beginner (screener) level.   This re-exam includes: 1) Proctored online written exam.  Currently available: Long Island & Metro NY area.  May be available in other locations with additional expense.




Re-exam: This is the online final written exam for the Balanced Muscle Strength (BMS) testing of the lower limbs: screener level certification.

The re-exam is for people who have previously taken the final exam for this certification course.  The examination can be proctored at a New York City or Long Island location.  (Additional examination locations may be arranged but will incur additional charges.)  After purchase, contact to schedule a date, time & location.

Included with this purchase:

1) Online & proctored final exam for the ‘BMS Testing of the Lower Limbs at Screener Level’ certification course.

See below for additional details.

Note: After passing this online examination, there are additional steps to complete before you are certified to do BMS testing. These steps are:
  • Applied exam – performing muscle testing with a DxF examiner
  • Experience Requirements – 1 day internship at a DxF screen, performing 6 muscle testing screens.
These other steps have already been paid for if you have purchased a certification course package.


  • Previous taking the online final exam for this course.
Online Final Exam:
  • Format – Multiple choice: 70 questions
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Long Island & Metro NY area at a DxF proctored
  • Minimum score = 70%

Exam Content:

Module – # of Questions          
Certification – 3
MS&B – 4
Muscle names – 4
Bone names – 4
Anatomy regions – 2
Anatomy navigation – 4
Bone landmarks – 5
MS&B testing technique – 4
Measurement scales – 3
Muscle actions – 6
Origin / Insertion / Action – 11
Muscle tests – 10
Screening procedures – 5
Screen vs. Diagnosis – 5         
Total Questions – 70

Educational course formats
People wanting to take this course live in many parts of the world and everybody learns in different ways. To help you master muscle testing in a way that works best for you, we’ve created the following formats for the educational course:

  • Online
  • CD
  • Printed
  • Webinar
  • Seminar
  • Online Tutoring

See in the DxF Shop:


Depending on your level of muscle testing experience, knowledge of the body and career goals, there are different packages available:

  • Certification Exams only – for those who are already thoroughly familiar with the course content, and just want documentation of competence &/or access to the DxF screening program.
  • Educational Course only – for those who want the information, but do not need the documentation of competence or cannot access the exam locations.
  • Review only – for those who want a rapid presentation of the course content, but do not need the documentation of competence or cannot access the exam locations.  Reviews are currently available in webinar & seminar formats.
  • Certification Course – Includes both the educational content and the certification exams.  For those who want a thorough presentation of the material and documentation of competence &/or access to the DxF screening program.

Note: Continuing education is a required part of re-certification every 2 years to maintain current status.

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