Re-exam (Applied): MS&BT: Legs: Screener

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Introductory Sale!  This re-exam is for the Muscle Strength & Balance Testing (MS&BT) certification final exam for the legs at the beginner (screener) level.  This product includes: 1) In-person examination with a DxF examiner. Currently available: Long Island & Metro NY area.




tib-ant-sup-view-half-bodyApplied Re-exam: This is the in-person final applied exam for muscle strength & balance testing of the lower limbs: screener level certification.

The re-exam is for people who have previously taken the final applied exam for this certification course.  The examination will be done in-person at a Long Island, Metro NY location.  After purchase, contact to schedule a date, time & location.

Included with this purchase:

1) In-person certification, applied final exam for Muscle Strength & Balance Testing (MS&BT) of the legs at beginner (Screener) level .

Note: After passing this applied examination, there are additional steps to complete before you are certified to do MS&B testing. These steps are:
  • Experience Requirements – 1 day internship at a DxF screen, performing 6 muscle testing screens.
These other steps have likely already been paid for as part of the package that included your first applied final exam.


  • Passing the online written final exam for this course.
  • Previous taking the final applied exam for this course.
Final Applied Exam:
  • —Performing 6 muscle tests chosen at random from 12 in the lower limb screen certification course with a DxF examiner.
  • Duration: 1 hour max
  • —Time: within 6 months of passing online exam
  • —Minimum Score = 90%

Applied Exam Evaluation:

You will be evaluated on the following elements when performing these tests:

  • Client position – how do you set up the client to test each muscle
  • Contact – where you exert pressure on the client
  • Direction – which direction you exert pressure

Study Tools
If you are taking one of the self study programs, we can help you master muscle testing in a way that works best for you, we’ve created the following study tools.

  • Seminars – Learn or review muscle strength testing with in-person seminars.
  • Webinars – Learn or review muscle testing basics, see demonstrations and ask questions through live webinars.
  • Tutoring – Online 1 on 1 online sessions

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