Presentations, Workshops & Clinics


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The DxF will make arrangements for one of our leading experts to come to your facility or event to give a presentation, workshop or clinic.  Here is an opportunity to bring the latest in diagnostic, evidence based information to your people.


These events are offered in a range of hands on or lecture format that suits your goals and facilities.

  • Presentations – This would be primarily in a lecture or discussion format.
  • Workshop – In these events, participants will have hands on involvement.  They may be working with materials or with other participants.
  • Clinics – These events would have at least some 1-on-1 interaction between the instructor and the participants.

There is also the option to combine one of these education programs with a screening event to make sure that everybody in the audience is tested.


Presentations, workshops & clinics are typically 1-2 hours long.  When added to a screening event, the total duration is typically 2-3 hours.


The available topics vary based upon your location, date and speaker availability.  Topic categories include:

  • Diagnosing the causes of specific health conditions – currently focusing on biomechanical & nutritional causes
  • Diagnosing athletic and sport specific performance issues
  • What are different types of diagnosis & how to get to the root causes.
  • Diagnosis Foundation – background & networking opportunities

See the DxShop for specific topics.


These vary depending on event, distance, time and speaker.