Paradigm Shift


The development of the Diagnosis Foundation was motivated by the desire to address some of the concerns raised about the health care system.   The column on the left attempts to capture, in a very broad sense, chronic or acute issues in health care.  The column on the right is intended to demonstrate the orientation that the DxF will take when shaping its’ programs.

Where are we?  Where do we want to be?

Safety       →      Health      →          Performance
Symptom                          →            Causal
Subjective                        →            Objective
Disease Care                   →            Health Care
Fragmented                     →            Holistic
Duplication                       →            Test Once
Dx Illiteracy                       →            Dx Literacy
Hard to retrieve                →            Easy to retrieve
Treat 1st                          →            Diagnose 1st
Limited Consent              →            Full consent
Conflict Interest               →            Patient’s Interest
Research 1-x                   →            Multi-x
Uni-phasic                       →            Multi-phasic
Research lost                  →            Research gained
Slow                                 →            Fast
Mainframe                        →            Mobile