My muscle strength test is abnormal, what next?


Thinking - MSPeople who get muscle imbalanced testing who have abnormal findings, are advised to do follow up work to find out WHY they had those results before initiating any exercise program.  While many times, a muscle that is overly strong or weak will be the direct result of the accumulated activities and exercises that a person has done, there are many other possible causes.  Other potential causes of abnormal strength or weakness include:  traumas, surgery, nerve problems, circulatory issues, nutritional deficiencies, drug reactions and more.

To find out what is causing a muscle to be too weak or too strong, a physician, therapist or trainer would need to do:

  • A history of biomechanical issues in the area, medications and supplements
  • A physical exam, evaluating nerve function and circulation

To properly find out why participants have abnormal muscle strength findings at a DxF sponsored screening, they are referred to the following (in order of preference) for differential diagnosis and treatment recommendations:

  • Health care providers affiliated with the venue hosting the screening event
  • The participant’s own health care providers – with the recommendation to evaluate the provider on their training and experience with diagnosing and treating individual muscle strength issues
  •  The DxProvider Data Base – which contains a listing of providers with training & experience in this area