Individual Muscle Strength Testing



There are many things I want to talk with you about.  Perhaps most important is to let you know that the Diagnosis Foundation has a program to teach people how to do individual muscle strength testing.

We are doing:
  • screening programs in the Metro NY region for muscle strength & balance – now expanding to New England and Mid-Atlantic regions
  • establishing a referral database for leaders in the field of individual muscle strength: training; treatment; testing; or differential diagnosis
  • training people how to do individual muscle strength testing – trainers, coaches, athletes
  • accredited continuing ed programs on this topic for doctors & physical therapists
  • building degree programs in performance diagnosis and other related fields (I have previous experience helping to build a new university and degree program – see

I understand you are one of the champions in the exercise field promoting assessment  as part of your training program.  Our entire mission is centered on assessment/diagnosis.

Perhaps we can do some projects together?  Would you please take a look at our web site and then contact me.  I suspect we can find some mutually beneficial projects to work on.  At a bare minimum, I want to get you listed in our free referral database.

PS – Our future work will include similar programs in the diagnostic fields of: ranges of motion, speed, endurance, technique, essential nutrients and more.  We are relatively young, but growing fast.

Dr. John M. Wallman
Diagnosis Foundation
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