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If you work in any field of health care or body work (personal trainer, yoga instructor, group exercise, etc) that involves muscle strength or conditioning, joint integrity, flexibility, pain, trauma recovery or arthritis, you know there is a lot of competition.  If we look at just personal trainers from 2001 to 2011, their numbers grew by 44 percent to 231,500.

How do you set yourself apart from everybody else doing the same type of work that you do?   What can you do to add more meaning to your practice?  How can you make people search you out because you provide information that they want, but cannot find elsewhere? One way is to learn how to demonstrate to your clients that you are recommending the correct exercises and services that they need.

Getting certified in Balanced Muscle Strength (BMS) testing gives you one of the tools you need to help prove that the exercises and other services you are recommending are the ones that your clients need.  This is a key factor that can set you apart from your competition.  How important is this? Here are some sobering facts.

  • “Teaching yoga is an amazing job,” says a popular instructor at trendy downtown yoga studio (whose name we’ll keep private, along with the rest of our sources). “But it isn’t easy to reach financial solvency.” 1
  • “A Kripalu survey showed that six months after earning a certification, most teachers bring in between $50 to $200 weekly.” 3
  • Teacher trainings, workshops, and yoga retreats are some of the ways most yoga teachers earn additional income.
  • “For personal trainers, the median hourly wage is less than $15. Because they have to find clients and set up their businesses, trainers must be flexible, adapting to client schedules and physical abilities, as well as the availability of exercise machines and accommodating weather.” 2

In the past, BMS testing has been available to an elite group of people who have had the privilege of being part of a professional sport team or Olympic training program. Now the Diagnosis Foundation is making BMS knowledge available to everyone!  Why? Because this information is too important for preventing osteoarthritis, improving health and achieving high performance.  We know that balanced muscles are a vital part of health.  Schedule a free screening and you will see the benefit also! We know because participants have told us!

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