How many bones does the human body have?


Skeleton - MSFrom the smallest, the stapes in the inner ear to the largest, the femur or thigh bone.  The average human, adult body has 206 bones.

The number can vary slightly with each person.  Some people have bones that do not form correctly or can be missing at birth.  Others will develop extra bones within tendons similar to the patella (or knee cap).  Each bone is controlled by one or more muscles to help it move properly with the adjacent bones or soft tissue.  If the muscles controlling any bone are not working at the correct strength, the bone will not move properly or will be pulled out of position.

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List of bones (From Wikipedia)


Cranial (8)

Facial bones (14):

In the middle ears (6):

In the throat (1):

In the shoulder girdle (4):

In the thorax (25):

In the vertebral column (24):

In the arms (2):

In the forearms (4):

In the hands excluding sesamoid bones (54):

In the pelvis (4):

In the thighs (2):

In the legs (6):

In the feet excluding sesamoid bones (52):