Carving letters in stoneOptimizing Human Potential Objectively & Holistically

We are a non-profit, membership organization.

Purpose: The DxF is dedicated to improving human safety, health & performance through better diagnosis.

Mission: The DxF will create and continually develop a new health care model and new fields of health care professionals.

The model will entail incrementally establishing an international network of diagnostic: education; testing; & research facilities.  These facilities will be centered on the concept that patients first receive timely causal, objective & holistic diagnosis before deciding which therapeutic methods to use.

The new professional fields will focus on the concept of causal, objective & holistic diagnosis.  These will be grown through a series of certificate programs, degrees and post physician specialties in Holistic Diagnosis.  The new professions culminate in the purely diagnostic Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis (DHDx) as well as the post DHDx specialties of Safety, Health or Performance.

Principles:  The DxF mission, goal and objective shall be achieved through activities centered on the following CHO principles:
  • Causal – The DxF shall strive to understand the causal basis of a person’s condition.  We will place particular emphasis on diagnostic activities that facilitate longer term or permanent solutions.
  • Holistic – The DxF activities will encompass all aspects of the human being: physical, mental and spiritual as well as the individual’s relationships with the environment and social groups of all sizes.  The DxF will place particular emphasis on activities that integrate all of these aspects of a human being into a cohesive perspective.
  • Objective – The DxF will place emphasis on methods that are verifiable, measurable and increase inter-examiner consistency.  The intent is to improve diagnostic Reliability, Accuracy, Validity, Effectiveness, and Sensitivity (RAVES).
Goal: We undertake these activities in order to promote: safety; health; and performance in all human endeavors.
  • Safety – The DxF domain of Safety includes emergency or critical situations where death is imminent unless rapid action is taken.
  • Health – The DxF domain of Health includes factors that sustain the quality and duration of life.
  • Performance – The DxF domain of Performance shall encompass the full spectrum of human endeavors from common daily activities to world class physical, mental, spiritual, environmental and social achievement.  Every human activity that aspires to excellence or can be improved through a more complete diagnosis, will be addressed in this domain.

Major Program Areas:  The DxF will work to achieve it’s goals through 3 major program areas:

  • Testing – The DxF shall run and support public and private screening and diagnostic testing events and programs.  The DxF shall also establish and maintain a data base of providers engaged in diagnostic services and treatments related to these diagnostic tests.
  • Education – The DxF shall establish educational programs that seeks to improve public diagnostic literacy as well as train the cadre of diagnostic professionals necessary to work with the public in a wide range of careers.
  • Research & Development – The DxF shall establish or support activities that advance: electronic health records; diagnostic equipment, techniques and protocols.  In addition, the DxF will support advance of research translation and policy development related to causal diagnosis.

Values: The DxF shall be involved with activities that are:

  • International – the DxF shall establish, retain affiliations with and/or develop relationships with organizations in all nations and other international bodies having objectives consistent with the mission of the DxF.
  • Peaceful Purposes – The DxF shall only participate in activities that are peaceful in nature.
  • Sustainable – The DxF shall maintain a sensitivity of our environment and other life forms in our activities in order to facilitate a long term, sustainable ecology, for increasingly healthy humans.