Health Hacks: Exercise The Weak Muscles


GOlf Exercise with CablesIt’s human nature to want to do what you do well.  That’s one of the reasons why some people do the same exercises or yoga poses over and over again.  They get good at it, and it feel nice to excel at something.

But….that leads to more muscle imbalances in the joint as some muscles get stronger and others lag behind.  The more imbalanced a joint becomes, the more overall performance goes down, the more tissue damage occurres and the more that susceptible to injury you become.

If you want to improve in a sport or athletic activity fast, particularly one that uses a very narrow range of muscles, the more important it is to exercise all the muscles of that joint to achieve a balanced state.  If you want to get the fastest improvement in your athletic activities, test all the muscles around your key joints for your activities, and just exercise the weak muscles.  That will balance up a joint quickly and improve your performance very efficiently.

This refers to exercises involved in your training program and not warm ups or practice.  With those activities, you may be ‘waking up’ your prime muscles to do your sport and that could involve moving muscles that are already too strong.

Here’s to fast improvements in your sport and health!

Diagnose 1st, then treat!

Excerpt from book to be released 2018