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The education programs of the DxF fit within 2 major categories, Public Outreach & Professional Workforce Development.  The programs included in each of these categories include:

  • Public outreach – DxNet (Web site & online presence), community presentations & workshops, newsletters, conferences, webinars, mobil apps, study groups, books, educational materials
  • Professional workforce development – Training for new and existing health care providers through: continuing education, review courses, education courses, certificate courses, certificate programs, post doctoral specialties, degree programs, professional degree, post doctoral specialties, journals & textbooks.


The education programs of the DxF will focus on diagnosis methods, tools & techniques that are:

  • Causal – oriented on diagnosis that seek to find underlying causes of safety, health & performance issues
  • Holistic – that evaluate the: body, mind, spirit, environment & social conditions that contribute to each persons condition.
  • Objective – and can be independently verified.

Current Programs

The following programs have been initiated since the founding of the DxF in 2011.

A) Public Outreach

  • Conferences – The DxF has held two events since its’ inception
  • DxNet – The DxF website, blog, social media presence, membership data base (with over 1000 members)
  • Newsletter – A monthly newsletter that introduces new concepts in diagnosis that seeks underlying causes for health issues and ways to bring human performance to new heights.
  • Presentations & Workshops – Community outreach programs that promote diagnosis.

B) Professional Workforce Development

  • Education Courses – Online, CD, printed, webinars, seminars or tutoring in balanced muscle strength testing without certification examinations.
  • Certificate Courses – Educational courses plus certifications examinations documenting proficiency for health care providers.  There are available in: online, CD, printed, webinars, seminars & tutoring formats.
  • Intensives – Webinars & seminars presenting the full education course content in a rapid, condensed format.  Certification exam process optional.
  • Certificate Program – The first certificate program is underway with additional elements under development.  This program consists of 8 units of study with 4 preliminary certifications, 100 muscle strength tests and culminating in certification as a Muscle Strength Examiner.  The first completed certification is for Balanced Muscle Strength Screener: Lower Limbs.
  • Continuing Education – Contracts have been signed with one of the largest suppliers of online, accredited, continuing education suppliers in the US for physicians and allied health care professions to offer DxF courses.  First course release: Fall 2013.

For additional information regarding the first series of DxF education & certificate courses on Balanced Muscle Strength Testing (BMST) using manual methods, click here.

Under Development

Education and certification courses are currently under way regarding the following testing procedures:

  • Ranges of Motion – Using functional, active, passive and postural evaluation criteria
  • Essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids
  • Cognitive functions – focus, memory, executive function, speed, problem solving
  • Muscle – speed, endurance, & technique

Certification programs under development include:

  • Holistic Diagnosis (HDx) Trainer
  • HDx Aide

Degrees in conceptual design phase include:

  • Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis (DHDx)
  • HDx Nurse Practitioner
  • HDx Assistant
  • HDx Technologist
  • HDx Technician