DxProvider DB Has Begun!


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How many times have you heard:

  • “I have a health problem with X, but who do I go to for help in figuring out what is going on?  I don’t want to just cover up the problem with pain killers or symptomatic treatments!”
  • I exercise 10 hours a week, but I’m just not satisfied with the results I’m getting.  Not only am I not as strong or as fast as I want to be, I’m also starting to get clicking in my joints.

The DxF is working to help you connect with the providers who can help you find the underlying causes behind your health and performance issues and the specific therapies to help correct them.

One way we’re doing this is with the DxProvider Data Base (DB).  This is a listing of providers of testing, diagnostic or therapeutic services.  “Well so what, there are a whole lot of provider data bases on the web.”  What makes the DxProvider DB special is this:

  • The DxF is gathering a lot more data than just contact information and areas of specialty.  We’re also seeking to provide you with in depth information on how much training and experience each provider has in specific testing, diagnosis and therapy techniques.
  • Potential patients are being directly referred from DxF screening events in certain circumstances.

Regarding the type of information that the DxProvider DB is collecting in the area the DxF is currently performing screening services on, Balanced Muscle Strength testing, we are asking potential providers in the DB to answer questions such as:

  • Do they do individual muscle testing?
  • How many individual muscle tests do they know?
  • How many clients / patients per month do they do muscle testing on?
  • How many years have they been using individual muscle tests?
  • Where did they learn how to do this technique?
  • How many hours did they study this method?
  • Even, what books did they use to learn how to do this? 

Providers who do individual muscle testing could be:

  • Physicians (MD, DO, DC, ND)
  • Allied Health personnel (PAs, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, etc.)
  • Body Workers (personal trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists, etc)
  • Others who have been trained in the testing procedures.

We’re also looking to include information in the DxProvider DB on which providers have the legal authority and the expertise to do differential diagnosis in order to find out why a muscle might be too strong or too weak.  There is a big legal difference between doing tests on individual muscle strength vs. coming up with a diagnosis regarding muscle strength!  Testing muscle strength is just one small step in arriving at a diagnosis.  In order to determine a diagnosis, there also needs to be a complete history process, a more comprehensive physical exam and possibly lab or imaging tests.

For example, participants may get tested at a DxF sponsored Balanced Muscle Strength screening by a personal trainer certified to do muscle strength testing.  If they have abnormal findings, they are then strongly recommend to follow up with somebody allowed to do differential diagnosis to find out why their muscle strength is abnormal.  There may be little hope of achieving progress from doing weight lifting exercises on a muscle that’s weak, when the problem could be because of a neurological or genetic issue.

Finally, the DxProvider DB is not limited to the testing / diagnosis end of the equation!  We are also gathering information on providers who supply individual muscle strength therapies.  Once a diagnosis has been arrived at for which muscles have abnormal strength and why they are too weak or too strong, a client / patient may need somebody to work with who has the capability of helping them exercise or stretch individual muscles effectively.  This is where providers such as:

  • Sports physicians
  • Physical therapists
  • Personal trainers
  • Yoga instructors
  • Massage therapists
  • etc.

can provide some of the best care.

Finally, the DxProvider DB is currently set up for just one specialty area, Individual Muscle Strength.  We’ll be adding many more specialty areas as the DxF develops additional screens and educational programs.  Future specialty areas of the DxProvider DB will include other factors that contribute to the underlying causes of wellness & excellence in performance that can be measured objectively such as:

  • Essential nutrients
  • Cognitive skills
  • Physiological capabilities – Circulation, nerve supply, organ function
  • Environmental factors
  • Bio-mechanical – Ranges of motion, muscle speed & endurance
  • Social skills

Do you know somebody that knows how to do individual muscle strength:

  • Testing
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment

Recommend them to the DxProvider DB.  The questionnaires take about 20 minutes to fill out.  Let’s help connect people who need the right information to help them improve their athletic performance, prevent illnesses or recover faster from injuries and traumas.  Please spread this e-mail and links around to your friends, therapists, trainers, doctors.  Let’s connect the right providers with the people who need them!

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