DxProvider Data Base


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One of the Diagnosis Foundation’s (DxF) Major Program Areas is to provide testing services for underlying causes of health and performance issues.  The current testing service being promoted is in the form of
Balanced Muscle Strength screening events of either the arm or leg regions.  During these events, people with abnormal findings are referred to (in order of priority)

  1. The host of the screening event’s health care provider (if available)
  2. The participant’s own health care provider (with encouragement to evaluate their current provider for expertise in individual muscle strength diagnosis and treatment).
  3. The DxF’s DxProvider Data Base.

We have found many people with abnormal results at our screening events since implementing this program.  Participants have been at a loss for who to go to for follow up to find out what specifically is causing the abnormality from among all the possible causes and correct treatment.  Implementing the DxProvider DB is an effort to answer this need.

What the DxF is looking to gather in the DxProvider data base, is information regarding people who provide either:

  • Testing or other means of evaluating individual muscle strength in either the arm or leg regions.
  • Differential diagnosis of all the possible causes of individual muscle strength issues
  • Provide treatments to strengthen or weaken individual muscles in order to achieve a more optimal balance. 

Listed providers may be:

  • Physicians (MD, DO, DC, ND)
  • Licensed allied health personnel (physician assistants, psychologists, social workers, physical therapists, dentists, podiatrists, nurses, occupational therapists, etc.)
  • Body workers (personal trainers, yoga instructors, group exercise, massage therapists, Alexander technique, etc.)
  • Others

Listings in the DxProvider DB are available to members of the DxF (either free or paid memberships).   You must first ‘purchase’ a free for life Research Membership or paid Premium Membership at the DxShop and then fill out both of the following questionnaires.

Note 1: The DxProvider DB currently contains only one specialty section (individual muscle strength testing).  Additional specialty sections will be added to the DxProvider DB in the future.

DISCLAIMER: The DxF does not currently evaluate the listings for accuracy and makes no recommendations as to providers, the accuracy of the information provided, their qualifications, ethics or any aspect of their competence to provide diagnosis, evaluation, treatment or work with the public.  The only criteria for people to be listed on this database is that they have filled out the questionnaire(s).  Please use your own due diligence in researching providers before contacting or working with anyone listed here.