DxF – Year 2 Accomplishments


New Years CelebrationWe couldn’t have done it without you!

Here’s just a partial list of what our supporters have accomplished in just the past year.

*  1st set of accredited professional continuing education courses
*  Holding an average of one screening per week
*  1st online educational course
*  1st Seminar Intensive
*  DxProvider DataBase & referral system initiated
*  Exhibitor at 1st major conference – Health & Fitness Expo with NBC / NY Giants
*  Clinic series initiated – 6 presentations given
*  Designed our 1st four certification programs 
*  Designed our 1st new diagnosis career – Muscle Imbalance Examiner
*  Held our 1st screening tours in New England and Mid-Atlantic states.  
*  1st course in Fall Prevention for Seniors
*  Initiated steps towards accreditation of our first Associate Degree – Diagnosis Assistant
*  Over 400 people tested to improve athletic performance & help prevent osteoarthritis.
*  Health Literacy Program begun, with over 100 articles distributed
*  Newsletter reaching 2000 subscribers monthly 
*  Tripled the size of the DxF web site with > 950 views / month 
*  Social media presence initiated – 2100+ Twitter followers

The Diagnosis Foundation fundamental mission is to create a new type of health care system.  One where diagnosis of the cause of your condition is undertaken before beginning treatment.  Where the system is organized in a manner that eliminates duplications and diagnostic bias.  One where trial and error is minimized and you receive the care you need based on your informed priorities.  Where patients participate in their care and efficiency is enhanced through technology & mobile diagnosis to drastically reduces costs.  (Not too ambitious are we?)

For over 50 years, prestigious organizations have lamented our fragmented health care system with its’ unsustainable costs and overemphasis on symptomatic treatments.  Here is your chance to actually help create a new health care system the way you’ve always wanted it to be!  Please sign up or renew your membership for 2014 so we can help make your dreams a reality. 

Won’t you please sign up for membership in the Diagnosis Foundation and help us do more?

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