What does the DxF get out of doing these screenings?


The DxF is dedicated to promoting causal diagnosis as a way to help human safety, health & performance.  Holding screening events like this helps to get the word out about our mission.  We hope that as other people get to experience the powerful benefits of knowing their individual muscle strengths, it will excite them to join us in our cause as members, volunteers, becoming certified as muscle strength & balance screeners and with donations.

Long range – the DxF is building a series of new health care profession including:

  • Diagnostic Screeners
  • Diagnostic Trainer & Technicians
  • Diagnostic Aides
  • Specialties in Holistic Diagnosis and
  • Doctors of Holistic Diagnosis 

Balanced muscle strength screens as well as certification programs training others how to do these procedures are just one early steps towards building a new health care paradigm.

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How accurate is muscle strength testing?


Manual muscle testing is considered to be of “good reliability” with “good external and internal validity” (1).  These screens are semi-quantitative with each test receiving a score from 0-100+.

Muscle strength testing is available using sophisticated equipment that is substantially more accurate and gives strength measurements in pounds of force at each arc of the joints range of motion.  While this type of testing is more accurate, it is limited on the number of muscles that can be tested and takes substantially more time and money to perform.

1 – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1847521/

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How long does a BMS screen take?


Muscle Testing

A DxF examiner can perform a Balanced Muscle Strength (BMS) screen on 12 muscles in each limb on one person in 5-10 minutes.  This works out to 6-12 people per hour.  The total screening event time will depend on how many participants are evaluated. For larger events, DxF will bring multiple examiners.

See our online course in Balanced Muscle Strength

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How are the tests done?


The Balanced Muscle Strength screening involves 1 Rep Max Resistance tests done in a variety of positions designed to isolate each individual muscle.  The examiner places the participant in a very specific position at the start of each test and asks them to hold that position.  The examiner then gradually pushes or exerts pressure against their limb in a specific direction until the participant can no longer hold the starting position.  The amount of pressure the examiner is exerting when the limb gives way, indicates the maximum strength that individual muscle has.

See our online course in Balanced Muscle Strength

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Why is Balanced Muscle Strength Important?


Vintage Balance Scale

If one muscle around a joint is stronger or weaker than the rest, the bones of that joint will not remain centered properly.  Each time an imbalanced joint moves, it will tug to one side, leaving you at a mechanical disadvantage.  This imbalanced motion will stretch, scrape or pinch tissues abnormally, causing some damage.

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What is Balanced Muscle Strength (BMS)?


6 ROMs

All of the muscles around any given joint need balanced strength pulling in each direction.  For example, the muscles that move your thigh backward, need to cheap nba jerseys be as strong as the ones that move your thigh forward, to the outside, to the inside, rotating the thigh inward and outward.

Research indicates cheap jerseys that there may be very specific ratios of strength wholesale jerseys between one muscle and each of the other muscles that cross the same joint.  How critically important each of these ratios are to maintain world! will vary depending on what activities you are engaged in.  People engaged in sedentary lifestyles wholesale jerseys China may be able to persist for longer periods of time with significant imbalances while those engaged in in strenuous activities may need to maintain proper may strength ratios much rotated more carefully in order to prevent test injuries.