Dr. John M. Wallman – Founder, President


Dr. Wallman is president of the Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) and an active contributor to the educational program.  Prior to founding the DxF in 2011, he had been a žchiropractic physician for 33 years specializing in nutrition with an emphasis in exercise physiology & endocrinology.

He also played a major role in helping to start the žInternational Space University (ISU).  This university offers graduate level degrees to leading students and space professional from around the world. As Director of Academic Affairs, he supervised curriculum development, research, faculty and academic staff.  One of his major projects while in this role was to help secure a $30 million grant to establish the ISU central campus facility in France.

Dr. Wallman has a family background in healthcare starting in the early 1900’s with his great uncle and later his father as pioneering doctors of chiropractic who helped advance the profession to become one of the leading portal of entry health care professions in the world.