Do you want to work together to help human safety, health & performance?


Hand shake - MSThe Diagnosis Foundation, is dedicated to searching for the causes behind human safety, health & performance conditions.  As a way to improve this, we are promoting objective and holistic diagnosis.

On a personal note, I have a history of board certification in clinical nutrition.  Through my active career as a physician, I relatively successfully treated a large number of people with diabetes, thyroid, liver and adrenal gland issues.  During this time, I had been frustrated by the relative lack of attention given to what I considered to be one of the fundamental factors in these conditions, specifically, essential nutrient assessment.  This contributed to my desire to advance diagnosis which seeks underlying causes.

The Diagnosis Foundation is young, only 2 years old.  Yet in this time, it has initiated programs of diagnostic: testing, education and research.  Our current focus is on biomechanical factors underlying performance and disability, but our strategy includes adding essential nutrient diagnostic programs in the near future and cognitive testing shortly after that.

We have screening programs to test the public on bio-mechanical factors as well as educational programs to train the people necessary to spread these testing techniques over a wider area.  We have also established a detailed referral data base to direct patients towards providers who are trained in the type of work we are screening for.  This model will be repeated for each diagnostic area we adopt.

Our plans call for establishing a number of different diagnostic areas coordinated in such a way to create a new diagnostic career in biomechanical testing.  As the number of diagnostic areas grow, we will build multiple career paths, all centered on diagnosis which seeks causes.  These will ultimately culminate in the post-doctoral specialty of Holistic Diagnostician and a new profession, the Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis.

Such extensive ambitions are not without experience lending some credibility.  In addition to my background as a chiropractic physician, I was a significant contributor to establishing the International Space University and their new degree program, Master of Space Studies.

I want to hear of your ambitions, programs and ways you are working to improve human health and where better diagnosis can play a role.  I hope there will be an opportunity for us to work together in some way.  Please contact me so we can explore where and when we might be able to contribute to each other’s efforts.