CrossFit – Top Box Program


hand-stand-crossfitThe Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) has established a program to work with CrossFit boxes in order to: prevent injuries; accelerate the rate of fitness development and help fine tune exercise programs.  For this program, the DxF will provide a certified physician to do the following free services for you at your box:

  • Pre-Training MaxFit Exam – For new members who enlist in membership at a specified level, the DxF will supply a 30 minute MaxFit Exam at our state of the art facility in Ronkonkoma, NY.
  • Computerized Movement Imaging (CMI) Screen – Semi-annually, the DxF will come to your box and do a ½ hour talk on CMI and screen all attendees.
  • Max Fit Re-Exam – For anybody who receives a Pre-Training Exam at our office, we will do a re-exam at your facility.

Pre-Training MaxFit Exam weight-lifter

  • Designed to decrease injuries and improve client retention
  • For new clients who sign up at a membership level you decide on
  • 30 minute exam includes:
    • Computerized Movement Screen
    • 40 Muscle Imbalance Tests
    • Stability Exam
    • Vitals – Height Weight, Blood Pressure, Max Expiration Volume
  • Max Fit Exam available to other member at a discounted price

MaxFit Re-Exam athlete-crossfit

  • Twice a year, a DxF physician will come to your box and re-examine anybody who had received a MaxFit Exam.
  • Re-exams are the critical component to maximizing improvement with muscle imbalances.
  • Clients will be reexamined on tests with abnormal findings in their original MaxFit Exam.
  • MaxFit Re-Exams start with a half hour informal talk regarding: corrective exercises

Computerized Movement Imaging 

  • cmi-in-actionThis cutting edge system records clients performing a set of physical activities. It then measures and analyzes the biomechanics of more than 35 key body movements using infrared, video and computer technologies.
  • Ranges of Motion are measured for hyper and hypo mobility, dyskinesias, symmetry and potential muscle imbalances.
  • CMI analyzes the sequence and timing of joint movements for proper kinematics
  • Graphic data is synchronized with video recordings for immediate viewing to assist patient comprehension and training.
  • DxF certified physicians mine the data obtained to aid in diagnosing specific body regions and joints.

Diagnosis Foundation liim-exercise-room

The DxF is focused on improving human safety, health and performance by promoting diagnosis which seeks underlying causes using objective and holistic methods.  We do this through diagnostic programs of: testing, education and R&D which will ultimately result in a new system of human care.

All health care providers for the CrossFit Top Box Program will be certified by the DxF in Muscle Strength & Balance testing and CMI procedures.  Examinations not performed at your CrossFit box will be performed at the DxF state of the art facilities in Ronkonkoma.  For more information or to schedule a TopBox program for your CrossFit facility, contact: .

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This article is not intended to offer a diagnosis or medical advice.  It is offered strictly for educational purposes.  Please consult members of your health care team directly to explore these or any other health care concepts.