Computerized Movement Imaging (CMI)

kinematic-analysis-of-humanWhat is CMI?
  • It is a relatively new diagnostic technology
  • This technology records you performing a set of physical activities. It then measures and analyzes the biomechanics of more than 35 key body movements.
  • Image capture uses a combination of infrared and video technologies to obtain sub-centimeter accuracy for consistent and repeatable results.
  • Movement measurement and analysis is computed instantly, in real-time.
  • Doctors can mine the wealth of data to focus on specific body regions and joints for a more detailed diagnosis.
  • Graphic data is synchronized with video recordings for immediate viewing to assist patient comprehension and training.
  • Results are immediately available in detailed or summarized formats for printing or e-mail.
  • CMI is portable and can be used in a wide range of athletic or clinical settings.
What Can CMI Tell Me? cmi-in-action
  • Sequence and timing of joint movements for proper kinematics
  • Comparisons of right and left sides for symmetry of movement
  • Ranges of Motion – for hyper and hypo mobility
  • Identifies dyskinesias (abnormal movements)
  • Calculates potential muscle weaknesses or spasms that could contribute to the patterns identified
How can I use CMI?stick-figure
  1. Screening – CMI can identify patterns of abnormal movement with a large number of people quickly. This allows you to focus additional attention on the people who need follow-up care
  2. Diagnosis – Correlations that are difficult or impossible to identify with physical examination give insights that are critically important. Joints that dip for just a brief moment are glaring abnormalities on the graphs.
  3. Training – Patients and athletes can repetitively use CMI to improve their biomechanics for preventing injuries, decreasing pain, and improving their performance. Video and graphical data give instant, detailed feedback.
  4. Complete Recovery – After the pain is gone, how do you know if a biomechanical problem is corrected? Stopping care prematurely can lead to a rapid relapse.  CMI shows you how to fix many issues fully and permanently.

How To Obtain a CMI Study? liim-exercise-room

The DxF is focused on improving human safety, health and performance by promoting diagnosis which seeks underlying causes using objective and holistic methods.  We do this through diagnostic programs of: testing, education and R&D which will ultimately result in a new system of human care.

img_0560As part of our Diagnostic Programs, the DxF is certifying doctors in performing CMI studies.  If you would like to be evaluated with this exciting new technology, contact us at: . We will put you in touch with a doctor certified in CMI procedures.  Testing may be performed at our state of the art facility in Ronkonkoma, NY near Islip McArthur Airport.

This article is not intended to offer a diagnosis or medical advice.  It is offered strictly for educational purposes.  Please consult members of your health care team directly to explore these or any other health care concepts.