College of Diagnosis


The Diagnosis Foundation is building a new academic institution, the College of Diagnosis.  This college will be producing a range of offerings related to diagnosis including: certificate programs; professional continuing education courses; undergraduate degrees; a professional doctoral degree for the Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis (DHDx); post doctoral specialties in Holistic Diagnosis; and 3 specialties for the DHDx in Safety, Health and Performance.

Would you like to get involved?  We have immediate and future needs for volunteers to help with: curriculum design committees; development of courses on objective diagnosis methods related to any field (i.e. physical, mental, environmental, social, spiritual); faculty; and administrators.  Paid positions will be available as each facet of the program enters implementation.

Following are some details of what we have accomplished so far and our current plans.


    • Continuing Education Courses – 7 accredited post-doctoral courses with 1-4 being added each month.
    • Certificate program for Diagnosis Aide – Regional Muscle Strength Evaluator

Under Development

Education curriculum and courses are under development regarding the following testing procedures:

      • Ranges of Motion – Using functional, active, passive and postural evaluation criteria
      • Essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids
      • Cognitive functions – focus, memory, executive function, speed, problem solving
      • Muscle – speed, endurance, & technique

Certification program design is under development for:

      • Holistic Diagnosis (HDx) Trainer
      • HDx Aide

Degrees in conceptual and curriculum design phase include:

    • Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis (DHDx)
    • HDx Nurse Practitioner
    • HDx Assistant
    • HDx Technologist
    • HDx Technician
    • Post Doctoral HDx Specialties

If you would like to get involved, please send us your resume and areas of interest to: