Clinic / Screening – Balanced Muscle Strength for Cross Country Runners – Nov. 2

NYIT Bears LogoWhat: The Diagnosis Foundation will be holding a clinic and a screening regarding Balanced Muscle Strength for cross-country runners .

Who: New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) Cross Country Team.  This event is NOT open to the public.

Where: NYIT Old Westbury campus, Northern Blvd. (between gymnasium building and President’s Stadium) NY

When: The events will take place on Saturday, November 2 from 11 am -1 pm.

Activities include:

  • Clinic: Topics will include: Stages of Muscle Imbalance, foot pronation, plantar fasciitis & patellar tracking.
  • Screening: Balanced Muscle Strength testing of 12 leg muscles for team members.  Balancing muscle strength in the legs results in improved runner’s athletic performance, decrease injuries and prevents certain forms of osteoarthritis.

For additional info:

  • DxF screening program
  • DxF Clinics – 1-2 hour programs to introduce the concept of Balanced Muscle Strength and the implication on athletic performance and health.
  • Volunteer at screening event – To volunteer at the DxF screening booth, please contact:
  • Certification Course – To become certified to be a muscle strength examiner at DxF sanctioned screening events.
  • Online Education Course – Learn how to perform 12 muscle strength tests in the legs. (Certification not included)
  • Seminar Review – Learn muscle strength testing for 12 muscles during 1 weekend.  Course intended for fitness & health professionals with some knowledge of anatomy.