Certification Courses


Award Certificate
Award Certificate

  • Balanced Muscle Strength Testing: Legs: Unit 1 – Twelve muscle tests in the legs used in the DxF Balanced Muscle Strength screening program.

Available formats:

What are the DxF Certification Courses?

The DxF Certification Course content covers each topic or set of diagnostic test procedures along with normal and abnormal findings.  Also included are the related anatomy, physiology, and legal environment. Each course includes: teaching modules; drill modules; quizzes; and practice exams as well as all of the certification exam steps.

The certification exam process includes:

  • Proctored written test
  • Live practical exam
  • Applied exam – including supervised participation in a DxF sanctioned screening event as well as contributing to development of a new screening venue.

Who are the DxF Certification Courses designed for?

  • Experienced – The educational courses have enough depth to satisfy people with experience in each set of testing procedures who wish a detailed review and possibly new testing variants / information.
  • Untrained – Each concept and technique in this series of courses is explained in enough detail for individuals studying the material for the first time.  Minimum prerequisites for the initial diagnostic screener level courses are a high school diploma.  Higher level courses will have additional undergraduate and graduate college requirements.
  • Location – This package is designed to accommodate people who can access the New York City / Long Island region for the certification exam steps or can make other arrangements for the DxF certification team to come to their area.

Professions that would benefit from the DxF Certification Courses include:

  • Physicians: MD, DO, DC, ND
  • Allied health professional: Physician assistants, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, podiatrists, etc.
  • Fitness instructors and body workers: Personal trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapist, group exercise instructors (spin, zumba, pilates), Alexander, etc.
  • Sports: Coaches, trainers, athletes (runners, cyclists, team sports)
  • Individuals: Office workers, musicians, construction, sales, etc.…

Additional Information

DxF Certification Course formats
Most of the initial certification courses offered by the DxF will be created in the following formats:

  • Online
  • CD
  • Printed
  • Webinar
  • Seminar

Learning Packages

Depending on your level of experience, knowledge of the human body and career goals, there are different learning packages to suit your needs:

  • Certification Course – Includes both the educational content and the certification exams.  For those who want a thorough presentation of the course material as well as documentation of competence &/or access to DxF programs and careers. 
  • Educational Course – for those who want the course information without the certification exam process.
  • Review Course – for those who want a rapid presentation of the course content without the certification exam process.  Review courses are currently available in  webinar and  seminar formats.
  • Certification Exams only – for those who are already thoroughly familiar with the course content, and just want documentation of competence &/or access to the DxF programs and careers.

Study Tools

Whatever course you are taking with the DxF, the following study tools may be added to that course to help you master the materials or prepare for the certification exams.

Why take the Certification Exams?

  • Public Confidence – Certification demonstrates to the public your commitment and competence to do this type of testing.
  • DxF Screening Program – Certification is required for those of you wishing to participate in the DxF screening program as an examiner.  Participating in DxF sponsored screens builds your experience in muscle strength testing and gives your health or fitness business public exposure.
  • Muscle Assessment Careers – The current screener level courses lay the foundation for establishing a testing service in conjunction with other health or fitness organizations.  DxF intends to build additional course that will enable you to establish your own independent testing business, depending on your state laws.
  • DxF Affiliation – The DxF is affiliating with organization for educational, testing and research programs.  Some DxF Requests For Proposals give preferential evaluations to organizations with DxF certified staff on board.

Any questions? Please contact: Info@DxFoundation.org.