College of Diagnosis


The Diagnosis Foundation is building a new academic institution, the College of Diagnosis.  This college will be producing a range of offerings related to diagnosis including: certificate programs; professional continuing education courses; undergraduate degrees; a professional doctoral degree for the Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis (DHDx); post doctoral specialties in Holistic Diagnosis; and 3 specialties for the DHDx in Safety, Health and Performance.

Would you like to get involved?  We have immediate and future needs for volunteers to help with: curriculum design committees; development of courses on objective diagnosis methods related to any field (i.e. physical, mental, environmental, social, spiritual); faculty; and administrators.  Paid positions will be available as each facet of the program enters implementation.

Following are some details of what we have accomplished so far and our current plans.


    • Continuing Education Courses – 7 accredited post-doctoral courses with 1-4 being added each month.
    • Certificate program for Diagnosis Aide – Regional Muscle Strength Evaluator

Under Development

Education curriculum and courses are under development regarding the following testing procedures:

      • Ranges of Motion – Using functional, active, passive and postural evaluation criteria
      • Essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids
      • Cognitive functions – focus, memory, executive function, speed, problem solving
      • Muscle – speed, endurance, & technique

Certification program design is under development for:

      • Holistic Diagnosis (HDx) Trainer
      • HDx Aide

Degrees in conceptual and curriculum design phase include:

    • Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis (DHDx)
    • HDx Nurse Practitioner
    • HDx Assistant
    • HDx Technologist
    • HDx Technician
    • Post Doctoral HDx Specialties

If you would like to get involved, please send us your resume and areas of interest to:

Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis


Columns w DiagnosisThe Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) is ultimately going to build a new health care profession, the Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis (DHDx).  This doctor would only diagnose and do no treatments, thus eliminating an inherent conflict of interest that is present with many health care professions.  This type of doctor would refer patients to other health care providers for treatment.  They would have a strong emphasis on:

  • Seeking underlying causes
  • Using objective means of diagnosis whenever possible and
  • Cover all human dimensions (body, mind, social, environmental and spiritual)

To build up to and support this new profession, the DxF will need a few major things.  An: 1) educational system; 2) clinical facilities and; 3) research capabilities.  Each of these, the DxF is doing in a stepwise, progressive fashion.

1) For example, in the educational program area, we have the following sequence of activities.

  • Certificate courses – i.e. the current course in muscle strength testing
  • Continuing education courses – recently implemented
  • Certificate programs – Diagnosis aide, Diagnosis trainer are both under development
  • Post doctoral specialties – Holistic Diagnostician for MD, DC, DO & ND.
  • Degree programs – Holistic Diagnosis (HDx) Technician; HDx Technologist; HDx Assistant
  • Professional Degree – Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis (DHDx)

The first series of the educational program is already under way with a certificate course in muscle strength testing. Students are taught muscle strength testing along with the supportive anatomy, physiology, procedures & legal requirements. Certificate series planned for the near future include: essential nutrient testing, more biomechanics (range of motion, posture), cognitive functions, cognitive skills, environmental toxins, etc.  Each series of certificate courses adds more components to the eventual degree programs.

2) The clinical facilities series is also underway.  This progression starts with screening programs in each of the areas that the DxF develops educational courses in.  Over the past few months, we’ve held public service screening events at over 30 venues in the Long Island and Metro NY area.  We’ve done our first couple of screening tours to New England and the Atlantic Coast and we’ve now screened over 400 people.

The progression of clinical facilities looks like this:

  • Screening events – at temporary facilities
  • Screening programs – regularly repeated screens
  • Multi Year Specialty Diagnostic Clinics – specializing in one human dimension (i.e. body or mind)
  • Multi Year Holistic Diagnostic Clinics – specializing in more than one human dimension
  • Permanent diagnostic facilities – one dimension
  • Permanent holistic diagnostic facility – multiple dimensions












Temporary Facilities












Repeat Facilities











Multi Year Facilities










Permanent Local









Permanent Regional







Permanent National




Permanent Intl.


Please feel free to contact us with your questions or to inquire about partnership opportunities.

Facilities will be needed in all 3 major program areas (education, testing, R&D).  Facilities may focus on one specific program or any combination of 2 or more.  For example, current facilities needs in the educational program include: proctored examination sites and seminar venues.  As future educational needs expand from hourly and weekends to multi week and permanent, the DxF will release Requests For Proposals to the public and sites that have already become part of the DxF family.

To support the clinical series, the DxF has established a DxProvider Data Base (DB) to gather information on health care practitioners, their training and experience in each diagnostic area.  We currently have the DB established to gather information on providers who do individual muscle strength testing, diagnosis &/or treatment.  As the DxF adds each new diagnostic educational and testing program, the DxF will also add new specialty sections to the DxProvider DB as well.

Development of the Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis profession, is being led by the founder and president of the Diagnosis Foundation.  Dr. Wallman has done large scale projects like this before in helping to launch the International Space University.  For additional information on his background, see here.

There is much more the DxF is doing that is not covered in this post, but this will give you enough of an idea to get you started.  Would you like to join us on this venture?  We need members, health care providers and organizations with facilities.  We need volunteers for screening events, curriculum development health care educators and screeners.  Contact us with your ideas.  We’d love to hear from you!

Careers in Balanced Muscle Strength (BMS) Testing


Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.Read about screenings
Read about our online course

You get certified in Balanced Muscle Strength testing (BMS) through the DxF. Now what?

There are lots of possibilities depending on what you are already involved in. Let’s take a look.

For those of you who are already in the health field: personal trainer, yoga instructor, physician, allied health professional or coach.

Whether you have your own office, studio, team or work out of somebody’s gym, you can add muscle strength testing to your business right away. This will give you the tools you need to get superior results and set you apart from the competition.

For those of you new to the health field: Here are some options:

· Affiliate with health professionals – With each muscle strength & balance testing course and certification you complete, you will learn more muscle tests and related anatomy. The more muscle strength tests you learn, your options for obtaining work with sports doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist and personal trainers on a part time or full time basis increases.

· Work with the DxF – whether you volunteer for our public screening program, or work your way up to become one of our paid tutors, examiners or instructors, we are always looking for people to help bring muscle strength testing to the world.

· Set up your own testing service – Depending on your state laws, you may be able to establish your own muscle strength & balance testing service. Once you complete all 8 units of the BMS testing series, you will have learned 100 different muscle tests, related anatomy, physiology and research to use in your own business.

Where does the US rank in health systems?


doctor bag-MS

How often do you hear or read: “Eat Healthy and Exercise”? If this advice was heeded then, why are so many people still unhealthy? According the the World Health Organization, the US doesn’t even rank in the top 25 health systems (1) despite having the most healthcare expenditures per person. What are the factors that impact this statistic?

One of the motivating factors to build the Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) was the eat healthy and exercise advice and what could people do to better understand exactly what each individual needs in terms of what diet/supplements are needed and what exercise(s) to do. The DxF believes that the public is beyond the “eat healthy and exercise advice.” We, as a whole, are so much more knowledgeable with the internet at our fingertips. That empowers people! We like that a lot!

However, It is that “fingertip knowledge” that can be precisely overwhelming!  The supplement industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world! Forbes states that last year alone the vitamin, mineral, and supplement industry earned about $32 billion in revenue (2). That means more and more people are driven to understand how they can be healthy while using information/research to support their physical well being with supplements. That is the great part! But still, how do you know what you need to take and how do you know what exercises to do?

The DxF has been addressing these questions. We promote understanding why before a treatment plan is in place.

No healthcare reform needed here! We are creating new avenues for people to empower themselves!  Our first empowering program is our Balanced Muscle Strength (BMS) screenings. Unsure of what exercises to do? Our BMS screenings are the first to take a “snapshot” look at possible underlying cause(s) or muscle imbalances that can fester and possibly lead to disease or surgery years down the road. Each BMS participant is empowered to make choices about treatment. We’ve seen it! We love the engagement of all participants! Knowledge is power and these screenings provide participants with useful health information (data sheet) that they take with them. We’ve seen trainers alter routines on the spot to account for collected data! If participants choose to do further investigation and evaluation of the underlying cause, they are referred to their own health care provider or our new DxProvider database of professionals. We now offer BMS screenings for free!

More empowering DxF programs we have developed for the NOW empowerment:

A certification course in Balanced Muscle Strength – Legs . The public response to our screenings motivated us to offer new career options. So many people loved our work and wanted to be able to help others be fit and healthy we launched our certification course this spring! It is open to everyone. We even have options for those who are already in the bodywork field. It is offered at an introductory price!

As for long term goals, the DxF has outlined facilities development to expand and meet the public need for empowerment. In addition, we are also developing a career path for a Doctor of Holistic Diagnosis (DHDx) that would only diagnosis for underlying causes before treatment options were considered by the patient.

We believe this care would improve the our standings among other health systems and reduce the cost expenditures person.

If you would like any more information about how you can be empowered or if you have any comments, please email me directly:

Occupy Your Health, You Have the Power!

Pamela Wallman, Chief Administrative Officer DxF