Target stores sets itself apart with GMO free products. How do you set yourself apart?


target-msTarget sets itself apart by announcing its store brand is non GMO. Whole Foods started the trend when it noticed a 15-30% increase in a products sales when it is labeled GMO free. Chipolte restaurants have signed on with development of a new GMO free menu and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has announced a new non GMO product. 1

They respond to a public need and they will be successful. At the Diagnosis Foundation (DxF), we have been responding to the public’s need for answers about important health questions. We developed a course in Balanced Muscle Strength to target workouts for individuals. When individual muscles are tested for strengths and weaknesses, a purposeful workout is designed to improve safety, health, and performance.

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Study Balanced Muscle Strength Testing from Any Where in the World!


You asked and we now have an education course available in Balanced Muscle Strength (BMS) -legs for any person who wishes to study this field. This is the education component only for BMS. Certification can be added at any time for additional fee. For more info click here.

How many amino acids are there?


GlycineProteins are a group of chemicals in the body that make up your muscles, ligaments, tendons, enzymes and the basic structural framing of your body. Proteins are made up of very long strings of 20 different amino acids, each arranged in a very specific sequence. Of these 20 different amino acids, 10 must be supplied from the diet. Your body can then convert these 10 essential amino acids into the others needed to produce every protein in the body. These 10 amino acids are thus called the “Essential Amino Acids”.

Experimental Evidence
The amino acids that are essential in the human diet were established in a series of experiments led by William Cumming Rose. The experiments involved elemental diets to healthy male graduate students. These diets consisted of cornstarch, sucrose, butterfat without protein, corn oil, inorganic salts, the known vitamins, a large brown “candy” made of liver extract flavored with peppermint oil (to supply any unknown vitamins), and mixtures of highly purified individual amino acids. The main outcome measure was nitrogen balance. Rose noted that the symptoms of nervousness, exhaustion, and dizziness were encountered to a greater or lesser extent whenever human subjects were deprived of an essential amino acid.(1)

Being assessed and then treating deficiencies for essential amino acid can prevent: chronic fatigue, assessing the risk of heart disease, depression, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, inflammation, and neurological disorders. (2)

Diagnosis before treatment is essential in the process of health. It doesn’t help to build muscles by taking Goji berries if your body is deficient in even 1 essential amino acid. Similarly, it doesn’t help to build strength if your exercise program doesn’t diagnosis which muscles are weak compared to their opposing muscles. It only takes a small variation in muscle balances to create a joint that is not working to its maximum.  It’s a kinetic connection! Want to learn more about joint health?

For more info about diagnosing muscle imbalances: Free Balance Muscle Strength screening to promote power, speed and strength!

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What is the #2 reason for doctor visits?


The #2 reason people visit the doctor is for joint pain related to osteoarthritis disease. When you visit a doctor who is not trained in muscle imbalances, the only treatment is to prescribe pain relieving meds. This does not treat the underlying cause and only masks the problem until more complications occur. Most of muscle imbalances can be corrected with exercises. Do you want to prevent osteoarthritis disease? Start now by educating yourself!

The Diagnosis Foundation promotes health with free Balanced Muscle Strength screenings to educate the public. In addition, we have certification courses open to the public!

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Careers in Muscle Strength & Balance Testing

You get certified in muscle strength & balance testing (MS&BT) through the DxF. Now what?
There are lots of possibilities depending on what you are already involved in. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

For those of you who are already in the health field: personal trainer, yoga instructor, physician, allied health professional or coach.

Whether you have your own office, studio, team or work out of somebody’s gym, you can add muscle strength testing to your business right away. This will give you the tools you need to get superior results and set you apart from the competition.

For those of you new to the health field: Here are some options:

· Work with the DxF – whether you volunteer for our public screening program, or work your way up to become one of our paid tutors, examiners or instructors, we are always looking for people to help bring muscle strength testing to the world.

· Affiliate with health professionals – With each muscle strength & balance testing course and certification you complete, you will learn more muscle tests and related anatomy. The more muscle strength tests you learn, your options for obtaining work with sports doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist and personal trainers on a part time or full time basis increases.

· Set up your own testing service – Depending on your state laws, you may be able to establish your own muscle strength & balance testing service. Once you complete all 8 units of the MS&BT series, you will have learned 100 different muscle tests, related anatomy, physiology and research to use in your own business.

What is the #1 reason for missing a workout?


People Exercising at a GymnasiumLower back pain is the #1 reason men miss a workout. It is estimated that 80% of men will experience lower back pain at one point or another in their life. Treating low back pain without understanding the underlying cause of it, can result in the wrong treatment plan and ultimately may produce more back pain. The Diagnosis Foundation asks: What is the cause of your back pain? One quick way to begin to understand what is causing the back pain, is to be screened for individual muscle imbalances. For instance, the psoas muscle can play a role in back pain because it attaches to the lower spine. If the muscle becomes too strong in relation to the muscles opposing it, it can pull the lower spine forward. Only a slight distortion is needed before discomfort sets in. If left undiagnosed, chronic back issues can develop.

23rd Joe Koziarz Memorial 5K Run – July 20



The Diagnosis Foundation will be exhibiting and performing balanced muscle strength screenings at the 23rd Annual Joe Koziarz Memorial 5K Run.  This event is open to the public and the Health Fair / DxF Screening is free.

When: The events will take place on Saturday, July 20, 2013   Race day check-in starts 7 am.  Race begins 8:30

Where: Main Street & Mill Road, Westhampton Beach

Activities include:

  • DxF Free Health & Fitness Screening: Balanced Muscle Strength testing of 12 muscles in the legs.  Designed to improve runner’s athletic performance, decrease injuries and prevent certain forms of osteoarthritis.
  • Health Fair & other medical screenings
  • Kids 1 mile fun run
  • 5K Run –  Course runs through the scenic roads and lanes of the Village of Westhampton Beach.
  • Professionally timed with Electronic Chip devices
  • Awards

Proceeds to benefit the Town of Southampton Police Atletic League (PAL), The Joe Koziarz Memorial Hurricane Scholarship Fund at the Westhampton Beach Senior High School & the Peconic Bay Medical Center Emergency Room in Riverhead.

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Corporate Wellness, Joint Pain and Muscle Imbalances


Lecture - female with adult students

Musculoskeletal conditions are the costliest and most rapidly growing group of diseases (1) The number one cause of disability and the number two reason for office visits to doctors in the US is joint pain. 18% of the US adult population will have disabling joint pain at some point in their life. Direct and indirect costs of musculo-skeletal conditions account for over 149 billion or 2.5% of the gross domestic product (1992).  Knee pain specifically is the third most common reason for physician visits and accounts for 14 million office visits in 2009.

Osteoarthritis, the wear and tear form of arthritis, is the most common diagnosis for joint pain with muscle imbalances being a contributing factor in the vast majority of cases.  70% of all people visiting physician however, receive drugs (anti-inflammatories and analgesics) as the primary treatment but these therapies do not address underlying causes.

Joint misalignment is an independent risk factor for osteoarthritis progression and specific exercises can prevent or delay osteoarthritis. The questions that need to be answered are: which muscles need to be exercised and; which exercises should be avoided?

The good news! The Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) is offering corporations a way to reduce their medical and workers compensation expenses by addressing this issue.  The DxF can come to your facility and:

  • Screen personnel for imbalanced muscle strength in either the legs, ankles, arms or wrists
  • Refer personnel with abnormal muscle strength balance to your company physicians or other doctors who specialize in these conditions
  • Train your personnel to continue the screening programs
  • Give presentations to educate your personnel in the importance of balanced muscle strength
  • Help design research programs and pilot studies exploring the potential financial benefits of a balanced muscle strength program before rolling out a company wide initiative.

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Balanced Muscle Strength screenings

Balance Muscle Strength online course