YogAnalysis – “Learn How to Listen to Your Body”

Finally, it’s here! Answers to your questions: How do I get into a handstand? Why do I balance better on one side? 

YogAnalysis is not a form of yoga, but a way to build a powerful yoga practice through individual analysis. We invite you to journey with us whether you are a yoga instructor, or a yoga practitioner.

  • Yoga instructors love YogAnalysis because it assures them that the modifications and adjustments they offer are indeed helping people!
  • Yoga practitioners love YogAnalysis because they know for sure that they can sustain a healthy practice with the information obtained from the Assessment & Plan (A&P).

Great news: YogAnalysis program is based upon accredited Diagnosis Foundation courses for health professionals.

What is YogAnalysis?

It is a system of assessments that include Computer Movement Imaging (CMI), individual muscle testing, and range of motion (ROM) testing. The results of the assessments are then analyzed and used to develop an individual plan for the practitioner. The plan can be implemented on its own or through the the guidance of a DxF Certified Specialist.

If your interest is piqued

  • If you want to help people be well
  • If you want to know for sure you are maintaining your own safe and healthy practice 

Call to arrange for a free 1 hour workshop at a studio

Or …… Make an appointment for your 1st Assessment & Plan If you do not find it helpful, pay nothing!

If you want to join in the ripple effect of YogAnalysis, we offer your A & P at 50% discount($120).

You make the choice.

“What Is YogAnalysis”

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