Free Screenings Available


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We want to help spread awareness of the importance of balanced muscle strength in preventing osteoarthritis, accelerating recovery from surgery / injuries and improving your performance in every imaginable activity from how long you can wash dishes to running in Olympic races.  Introducing people to balanced muscle strength testing through our screening program is one way we are spreading the word.  Would you like to schedule a free Balanced Muscle Strength screening for your group?  There are lots of possibilities for you to organize an event so that the Diagnosis Foundation will come to you and do a free screening.  Here are some options:

  • Work – Do you work at a business that has a wellness program? Talk to the person in charge of the program and have them contact us.
  • Sports club or team – Do you belong to a bicycle, running, or other fitness club? Are you a member of any type of team (baseball, volleyball, soccer, etc.) Talk with the team / club manager and have them contact us.
  • Race or fitness event – Do you have contacts in an athletic fitness event (race, competition, fun run, bike tour, etc.) How about a health fair or expo? We do those types of events too!
  • Gym or studio – Do you go to or teach at a yoga studio, martial arts, health club or other type of fitness facility? Talk to the owner and have them contact us.

Almost any type of facility can be a great venue for a Balanced Muscle Strength screening. Just make sure there are at least 8 people who want to be screened and we’ll be there. By the way, we can also give a 30 minute talk about the importance of balanced muscle strength in improving strength & speed as well as preventing injuries and osteoarthritis. Here’s some more information about Balanced Muscle Strength screenings and how to schedule one.

See our Balanced Muscle Strength online course