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Premium Membership in the DxF provides critical support to the DxF and enables you to receive discounts, meetings, the monthly newsletter and special activities including access to any DxF diagnostic & screening tests.



One for all hands - MSMembership Deal – Through December 31, 2016

The Diagnosis Foundation is a membership organization dedicated to improving human safety, health & performance through making diagnosis which seeks underlying causes available to everyone.  It is focusing on using objective and holistic techniques in their three major program areas: Testing; Education; R&D.

Three types of DxF membership are available.

  • Premium Membership
  • Research Membership
  • Liaison

DxF Premium Membership

This annual membership available to all people.  Your membership provides critical support to help us implement the mission of the Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) and our goal to help bring causal diagnosis to everybody.  As a member, you will have access to any of the DxF screening tests, events, meetings and voting privileges.

Premium Membership may be purchased through the Diagnosis Foundation web site.  Membership may be discontinued at any time during the course of the membership period by submitting your resignation in writing, to the DxF headquarters.

Premium Membership Agreement

Welcome to membership in the Diagnosis Foundation!

I.  As a Premium Member (PM), you are entitled access to all diagnostic & screening tests offered by the DxF (some screening test may require additional activities and/or fees).  In addition, PM’s  will also receive the monthly DxNewsletter and have access to special discounts on DxF store items, meetings and activities.

II.  As a Member of the Diagnosis Foundation (DxF), I understand that activities of the DxF may be expanding beyond the traditional boundaries of current or local health care protocols.  Some of the activities which I may be engaged in as a Member may involve experimental or novel:

  • Methods
  • Techniques
  • Concepts
  • Personnel
  • Delivery methods

III.  As a Member of the Diagnosis Foundation, I agree to hold harmless the DxF: corporation, Board of Directors, officers, Executive, staff, affiliated persons and members for any and all damages that may have a proximate or ultimate causal relationship to information, services or products rendered by same.

By purchasing this Membership, I confirm that I understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions of this Premium Membership Agreement.

Thank you for supporting the Diagnosis Foundation!


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