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Introductory Sale! This certification exam package for Balanced Muscle Strength Testing (BMST) of the lower limbs at the beginner (Screener) level includes: 1) Practice online written exams; 2) Written Exam – Proctored & online; 3) Practical exam – with a DxF examiner, 4) Applied exam – a brief Internship (supervised participation at a 1 day screening event) & new screening event development.  Additional charges may apply outside of New York City & Long Island.



graduate-w-cap-n-gown-msCertification Exam Package: Balanced Muscle Strength Testing (BMST) of the lower limbs: Screener Level

This package includes the examination components for becoming certified in BMST, but does not include any educational components (i.e. textbooks, course notes, CDs, webinars or seminars).


Who is this Certification Exam package designed for?

  • Experienced muscle testers – who already have command of human anatomy, bio-mechanics & muscle testing.  (see Course Outline below)
  • Webinar & Seminar add-ons – For those who have already taken the BMS screener of the lower limbs seminar or webinar review or complete educational series.
  • Re-certify – for those who have let their certification Active Status lapse
  • Complete certification process – for those who have previously started the certification process, but did not complete it within 18 months of starting.

This Certification Exam package includes: Balanced Muscle Strength Tests for the Lower Limbs at Screener Level:

  • Practice written exams – 2
  • Final exam – proctored
  • Practical exam – with DxF examiner
  • Applied exam: Internship – a) supervised participation in 1 screening event; b) Developing a new screening event

See below for additional details on each step.

The following are required prior to taking your Written exam.

  • 18 years of age
  • High School diploma or GED
  • CPR / AED online certification – See below for additional details

These total Certification Process steps may be completed up until 18 months after purchase.  The maximum time allowed between steps are:

  • Final exam – within 4 month of purchase
  • Practical exam – within 6 months of passing the Final Exam
  • Experience – within 8 months of passing the Practical Exam

Dates & Times are arranged with the DxF as each step is completed.

All certification package steps are done in-person at Long Island or NYC locations. Other locations can be arranged but additional charges may apply.  Exact locations will be arranged as each step is completed.  Make arrangements with the DxF immediately after purchase for the written exam and as each step is completed.

Why learn Balanced Muscle Strength Testing?

  • Better athletic performance – Olympic & top professional athletes get extensive work on muscle strength balancing to maximize their power, speed and endurance.
  • Injury prevention – Whether you are a top athlete, a couch potato, or anywhere in between, having balanced muscle strength around each your joints means you will get fewer injuries.
  • Disease prevention – Research shows a connection between chronic muscle strength imbalance and osteoarthritis (the ‘wear and tear’ form of arthritis).  Detecting and correcting muscle strength imbalances can help prevent osteoarthritis, the number 2 reason for doctors office visits.
  • Set yourself apart –  If you are currently a professional in the competitive health or fitness field, you know that many therapists do not do diagnostic testing before starting clients on exercises or treatment programs.  Doing diagnostic tests on your clients before beginning a therapy program helps demonstrate that the exercises you are recommending, are the ones your clients truly need.

Why take the Certification Exams?

  • Public confidence – Certification demonstrates to the public your commitment and competence to do this type of testing.
  • DxF Screening Program – Certification is required for those of you wishing to participate in the DxF screening program as an examiner.  Participating in DxF sponsored screens builds your experience in muscle strength testing and gives your health or fitness business public exposure.
  • Muscle Assessment Careers – The current BMS screener level course lays the foundation for establishing a muscle testing service in conjunction with other health or fitness organizations.  With future courses from the DxF, you may be able to establish your own independent muscle strength testing business.

Note: Continuing education is a required part of re-certification every 2 years to maintain current status.

People that would benefit from being certified include:

  • Fitness instructors and body workers: Personal trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapist, group exercise instructors (spin, zumba, pilates), Alexander, etc.
  • Sports: Coaches, trainers, athletes (runners, cyclists, team sports)
  • Individuals: Office workers, musicians, construction, sales, etc.…
  • Allied health professional: Physician assistants, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, podiatrists, etc.
  • Practicing physicians: MD, DO, DC, ND

CPR/AED Pre-Requisite:

žCPR/AED certification is taught and paid for through independent organizations, not through the DxF.
žExamples of Acceptable Organizations
  • —American Red Cross
  • —American Heart Association
  • —American Safety & Health Institute
  • —St. John Ambulance
  • —Emergency Care & Safety Institute
  • —Emergency Medical Technician
Note: If you intend to continue on to Exam Assistant certification, CPR/AED certification will require a practical component with in person training (i.e. not just online).

Certification Exam Package Details

Online Written Exam:
žFormat – Multiple choice: 70 questions
žDuration: 2 hours
žLocation: Long Island or NYC at a DxF proctored site
žMinimum score = 70%
Practical Exam:
žPractical Exam Prerequisites:  Pass online written final exam
žPractical Exam Format – Evaluation on 6 muscle tests chosen at random from 12 in the leg screen
Duration: 1 hour max
Time: within 6 months of passing online exam
—Minimum Score = 90%
Bring your own examinee
Location: at a DxF testing site
Applied Exams:
žPrerequisites: Pass written & practical exams
  • žInternship
–  —Participate in at least 1 DxF screening event for BMS: Lower limbs
—-  Role: Assistant Screener (Under supervision of certified DxF Screener)
—-  6 different clients minimum examined
—-  Minimum of 12 muscles per exam
  • —New screen venue development
– —Coordinate with the DxF Screening Supervisor & Screening Manager to identify a potential new screening venue
——- Initiate contact with a potential new screening venue.
—- Continue development with the DxF Screening Manager to successfully establish a screening event at this new venue.

Certification Exam – Outline of content:
This Certification Package applies to the following muscles: 1) biceps femoris-Short head; 2) gluteus maximus; 3) tibialis anterior; 4) peroneus tertius; 5) tibialis posterior; 6) peroneus brevis; 7) vastus intermedius; 8) tensor fascia latae; 9) psoas major; 10) gracilis; 11) gluteus medius; 12) pectineus.

The topics covered regarding these muscles are:
Anatomy & Biomechanics:
Muscle Names: 1-12
Bone Names: Lower Limb
Anatomy Regions: Lower Limbs
Anatomy Navigation
Bone Landmarks applicable to Muscle Tests 1-12
Origin/Insertion/Action: Muscles 1-12

Introduction to Muscle Actions

Applied Diagnostics:
Introduction to Balanced Muscle Strength (BMS) testing
Muscle Strength Testing Technique
Muscle Strength Scales
Pain Measurement Scales
Muscle Tests: 1-12

Education Technology for BMS

Screening Procedures

Screening vs. Diagnosis

Certification Requirements

Additional Information

Other BMST course formats
People wanting to take this course live in many parts of the world and everybody learns in different ways. To help you master muscle testing in a way that works best for you, we’ve created the following formats for the educational course:

  • Online
  • CD
  • Printed
  • Webinar
  • Seminar

See in the DxF Shop:

Other BMST packages

Depending on your level of muscle testing experience, knowledge of the body and career goals, there are different BMST packages available:

  • Certification Course – Includes both the educational content and the certification exams.  For those who want a thorough presentation of the BMST material as well as documentation of competence &/or access to DxF programs and careers. OnlineCDPrintedWebinarSeminar
  • Educational Course only – for those who want the BMST information, but do not need the documentation of competence, cannot access the exam locations and do not intend to participate in follow up DxF programs and careers. OnlineCDPrintedWebinarSeminar
  • Certification Exams only – for those who are already thoroughly familiar with the course content, and just want documentation of competence &/or access to the DxF programs and careers.
  • Review only – for those who want a rapid presentation of the course content, but do not need the documentation of competence or cannot access the exam locations.  Reviews are currently available in webinar & seminar formats.

Other BMST Study Tools

These may add these to one of the courses to help you master the materials or prepare for the certification exams.

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