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Issues That Impact Learning: Potential Causes & Methods of Diagnosis

This is a very broad topic that covers learning issues ranging from totally normal through to severe disabilities.  They can ...

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Weak Tibialis Posterior muscle leads to...

  If your Tibialis Posterior (TP) is weak, what kinds of performance and health issues can you get?  It's a major ...

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And The Category Is...Essential Nutrients

Let's start with a quick review of what an essential nutrient is.  It is a chemical that must be taken ...

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Depression: Search For The Cure

While this topic is focused on depression, it applies equally well to anxiety, high performance athletics, scholastic and any other ...

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Diagnosis Detective Case File: Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis has many different causes and because of this, needs diagnostic work comparable to a detective searching for a killer ...

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Nutritional Support of Low Handicap Golfers

Nutritional Support of Low Handicap Golfers

"Higher handicap players typically experience injuries that result from swing mechanics, whereas lower handicap and professional players have overuse as ...

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What is NOT a potential cause of depression?

What is NOT a potential cause of depression?

a) A deficiency of the nutritional precursor to a neurotransmitter used in the brain - i.e. tryptophan or phenylalanineb) A ...

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Golf: Most likely injuries for professionals?

What body parts are most likely to get an injury for: a) male professional golfers? b) female professional golfers? Another interesting question is ...

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Histamine - I'm not an evil chemical

Histamine is a chemical that is normally found in the body.  The actions of histamine include being a part of ...

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Stability Testing - For Seniors

“Unintentional falls are a common occurrence among older adults, affecting approximately 30% of persons aged >65 years each year.” (1) In the ...

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CrossFit - Top Box Program

The Diagnosis Foundation (DxF) has established a program to work with CrossFit boxes in order to: prevent injuries; accelerate the ...

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Computerized Movement Imaging (CMI)

What is CMI? It is a relatively new diagnostic technology This technology records you performing a set of physical activities. It then ...

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Training Driven By Diagnosis - Program Handbook

The following materials are being used at DxF affiliated facilities in Suffolk County, NY.  Contact us at Info@DxFoundation.org for more ...

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Which muscle does not stabilize the ankle joint?

When golfing, stability of the ankles is a critical area that is frequently overlooked in training programs.  There is some ...

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2017 US Open Golf Championship

US Open Trophy

We are proud to announce that the Diagnosis Foundation president, Dr John Wallman will be a wellness provider for athletes and VIPs at the 2017 US Open Golf Championship in Erin Hills, WI!

Education Program Update

The Diagnosis Foundation’s strategic plan calls for initiating the College of Diagnosis educational program with courses that focus on one of the fundamental areas of human health.  Diagnosing biomechanical integrity and function is a major causal factor for one of the largest areas of human disability – joint pain and arthritis.  The discipline of muscle strength testing and restoration of balance has been shown to be beneficial in preventing and treating these conditions in a way that is well supported by evidence and financially attractive for a sustainable health care system.

The DxF curriculum for this academic discipline continues to expand.  We currently have:

  • 1000+ students that have completed DxF seminars or courses
  • 7 post-doctoral, continuing education courses are accredited for licensure renewal
  • 5 teleseminars/webinar hybrid courses have been held this past year
  • 14 seminars and pre-recorded courses are available through the DxF web site

Those interested in taking courses or contributing materials to future courses should contact: Info@DxFoundation.org

Recent Muscle Strength & Balance Events, Screens & Clinics

  • Islip High School Golf Team – Islip, NY
  • South Shore Golf – Oakdale, NY
  • Pine Ridge Golf Course – Coram, NY
  • Long Island Integrated Medical Health Fair – Ronkonkoma, NY
  • NBC NY Giants Health & Fitness Expo – NJ
  • North Carolina MS&B Screening Tour
  • 23rd Annual Joe Koziarz Memorial 5K Run – Bridgehampton, NY
  • Moving Towards A Cure 10K Run – NY, NY
  • Team Extreme Health & Fitness  – Ronkonkoma, NY
  • Port CrossFit  – Port Jefferson, NY
  • Bearfoot Yoga  – Bay Shore, NY
  • CrossFit Competition – Hauppauge, NY
  • Powerhouse Gym – Rocky Point, NY
  • ‘King of Queens’ CrossFit Competition – Astoria, NY
  • ‘Hail to the Queens’ CrossFit Competition – Astoria, NY
  • Beta Test – Muscle Strength & Balance Certification Course
  • 1.0 Release – Muscle Strength & Balance Certification Course: Legs; Screener
  • New York Institute of Technology – 5K Run – Old Westbury, NY
  • AMRAP Fitness – CrossFit Competition – Westchester, NY
  • Deep Pond Triathlon – Wading River, NY
  • Volunteer Ambulance Corps – Commack, NY
  • NYIT Cross Country Team – Clinic / Screening – Islip, NY
  • Sunrise Tri Deep Pond Duathlon – Wading River, NY


If you prefer to make donations or sign up for membership via check or money order, mail to:

Diagnosis Foundation PO Box 1221 Miller Place, NY 11764

Your generosity is appreciated!